So I am me,I think if you do some addition and substruction and some general “mathy” things you’ll find that I’m in my 50’s, even-though I was born in 1990 so I’m 27 by “earth years” . However I feel like I am the reincarnation of a 87 yo grumpy British grampa, and my body is one of a 70 something gramma (This is not ageist!I have a bad back, arthrites and.. or maybe it is, in all honesty I’ve seen an 83 yo with better tits!), and I act like a 5 yo going on 17.

Well the title is self explanatory.I ramble . I am old . I am young, but full disclaimer I am no lady. I am of the female variety but I do not behave lady-like,if that’s a thing.

I obviously have issues, that ,as any sane balanced person,I like to turn into stories that I tell to strangers . I find writing and ranting very therapeutic but I’m too chicken shit to do open-mic night and THIS IS SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN THERAPY.

I’d be happy if my writings will make just one person feel less lonely, weird or alone in this world. We’re all uniquely flawed and we should embrace it.Easier said than done I know, but I’ve always felt better about myself after identifying with a character in a book or a movie. so if anyone can see themselves in my texts and know that it can be worse or they’re not the only ones having a bad day or month or year ,it would be awesome.

Words are meant to heal so Happy reading!