Do parents really believe the shit they sprout or are they just trying to convince you of it?Do they even hear what’s coming out of their mouths or they think I’m just fucking gullible?

Is it because I look like a kid? Or are they that ignorant about their kids and the life that teenagers lead these days? Have they not ever heard of MTV? Sixteen and pregnant, hillbillies gone wild and all that crap or does each parent believe that their kid is the exception?

Ugg how I wish I knew these answers! When the father of a 17-year-old teenager tells his teacher that his kid doesn’t even know swear words, let alone use them , can I strangle the fucker and get away with it?

What? Does your kid live in another planet or something? He never watched TV?, does you car not have a radio in it ?

Do you kind sir, live in this current era ? you want me to believe that you son never listened to a Rap ,or Pop song ? Even country music have swear words in them these days!

Tell me,does your son only read censured Victorian literature and listen to classical music?

I know that some families are quite conservative or religious (like 0.00009%) and don’t use crude language around the house , however most students spend 6-to-8 hours on average around dinners,parks, parking lots, hallways and other students (I won’t say clubs, house parties and underground events) do you really believe that they didn’t catch anything (I’m not talking STD’s here, but by the time they graduate high school, believe me they would’ve caught something of that variety too) ?

Even Martha Freaking Stewart drops the F-Bomb occasionally.

These kind of parents will be the death of me.If you want me to revoke a punishment, don’t take me for a fool because that will only make me want to murder your ass,right there in the principle’s office, with witnesses all around, and yes, I will plead not guilty.

Saying your kid did wrong and that you’ll talk to him about it,is the easiest thing ever. Why the fuck do you have to make me go insane by insisting that your son is innocent and that I am the guilty party here. How can I have misunderstood or misheard “Fuck you, you whore”, huh ?? Tell me HOW THE FUCK do you misunderstand that ?

Next time a student tell me that his pet rabbit needed some toilet paper for his kit and that’s why he stole his homework, I’ll believe him too. If his father is that shitty of a liar, I’ll give the kid credit for his imagination at least.