The poem goes something like this:

fuck you

fuck YOU


and that’s it!Believe me I tried to come up with rhyming verses and flowery allegories but my inspiration seems to be stuck somewhere between your molar and that sharp canine, you engulfed it with.

I wanna know who told you to smile, who taught you that smile? what ace have you stolen and hidden under your sleeve,I’m pretty sure that you are a thief,

Nothing poetic, like you’ve stolen my heart, enough poems were already written about your smile, your robbing lips and your vampire like teeth.

That’s probably why your head is so full; no, you’re the worst kind of thieves,

the kind who steals little girls’ dreams, you steal their youth, the minute that you sink your teeth into their tender flesh you suck their years away.

How many you knew a kid and after a few minuets under your knowing lips they turned gray?

I heard love turns you crazy, love turns you blind,but to be honest love turns you decrepit, hoary, and senile.

A minute under your smoldering eyes and I forgot my name,your orphaned dimple made me forget where I came from , the first signs of old age, they said.

I admit I felt like a woman for the first time, my bosom grew bigger and my voice went thinner,you did what science said you would , I reached womanhood

When people said I was lucky you went away, I called them names and lamented their ignorance.

You were misunderstood, the poor souls didn’t know what it feels to grow years in mere seconds

I felt wiser, you helped me grow I said , you’re the best kind of partners , the giving kind

What a fool I was, you only know how to take, In the span of seconds you took my innocence away

The minute you turned your smile on your next victim you took my dreams with you

The giving kind indeed, you gave me scars that no medicine seemed to heal,and  wrinkles that no surgery seemed to fix.

When they touch my graying hair , I say that a witch did that ,I’ve met the real Dorian Gray,

They laugh at my woes, there is no pity in their eyes when they say ;

you fool ,old age will do that to you.