This blog is my diary, the name of it is pretty much self-explanatory, “Ramblings of an Old Young Lady” I’m an old soul, not as a kind wise soul ,nope, as in I already have arthritis and a bad back(maybe also a bad eye sight,but shuuush Glasses are trendy these days, yay me).

I, also tend to nag ,a lot,I was told plenty of times to stop complaining about shit and lamenting the good old days by people in their seventies.I don’t know what most people will consider young but who cares what people think I’ll always be 16 in my heart.

My mother will not agree and will say that I have the mental age of a 4-year-old and my doctor will say that I have the heart of a 65 years old chain smoker who’s only diet consisted of fried chicken; both are true in my case to be honest.

Why would I share any of this online you ask,well no one asked but just so you’ll know, I keep losing my diaries ans my files and my train of though (something that you’ll notice a lot, that’s why i love parenthesis, I can’t for the life of me organize my thoughts or my life, I’ll be talking about something and then hop forgotten the next second) mm so yeah where was I , I forget shit a lot ( It might be the start of Alzheimer’s , Old I tell you!)and one of the things I always forget is where I’ve put my diaries or under what super secretive name did I save those files( no one is interested in my ramblings, why I’m putting all that effort in hiding them like a 15 years old is beyond me too) (and no i’m not an ageist and I’m not shaming anyone I like people of all ages, I’ve a bit of every age in me)

Again where were we, yes, this blog, so I kinda need to write or at least talk about shit that happens in my daily life so I won’t go crazy, and since I moved away from the city where I lived my entire life ,a few months ago , I’m all alone with no one to complain about shit to, phone calls aren’t that cheap and who has the time for that anyway , not my friends and family of course .( but that’s a story for another time)

The other reason I need to put pen to paper or my fingers to this key board is my anger issues, If I don’t let go of the thoughts and issues that are eating at me I’ll lose sleep and be more grumpy than usual (and believe me, no one needs that, I’m a bitch at my happiest no one needs to see me at my worst).

Introductions are supposed to be short and sweet ,I didn’t get the memo apparently, but this will set the tone for this entire blog, sour ramblings , filled with me me me , the world sucks ,boo , but fuck you, this is cheaper than therapy , (that I will still go to, no need to panic) and creepy online stalkers are always better than no friends.

On that hopeful note, cheers everyone.